We have taken on some of the most difficult and complicated Canadian medical malpractice cases. Our team is headed by Toronto lawyer Paul Harte, a leading medical malpractice trial lawyer with over 20 years of experience. He is a dual- certified specialist in Health Law and in Civil Litigation and a recognized authority in medical malpractice and birth injury cases having settled the three largest medical malpractice cases in Canada. He is a nationally recognized leader in the medical/legal community.


Medical malpractice cases are frequently complex and hard fought. The law firms that represent doctors and hospitals vigorously defend even the most meritorious lawsuits. To succeed, lawyers representing victims need to be able to spend the money necessary to put the best case forward. Our law firm often invests tens of thousands of dollars in a single case to fund medical experts and other expenses. Over 20 years in practice, our firm has built a sizeable war chest that enables us to go toe-to-toe with well-funded defendants.

Our law firm accepts only a small number of cases each year, ensuring that we always have the necessary resources to get the best possible results for our clients.

Referrals and Co-Counsel

Our law firm is regularly consulted by other lawyers all across Canada.

Lawyers turn to us for advice and assistance in medical malpractice. Our firm offers referral arrangements as well as flexible co-counsel relationships, providing as little or as much assistance as is required. Lawyers who work with us are able to improve their own skills and can later take on more cases independently in the future.

Here to Help

If you have experienced a serious, permanent injury or lost a member of your family as a result of medical error, we may be able to help. To explore a relationship with Harte Law, contact us for a free consultation with one of our experienced team of medical malpractice professionals. Call us at 855-663-3800 or fill out our online contact form.

Note:  We are contacted by hundreds of individuals each year seeking to hire our firm. Unfortunately, we cannot take on every case. We must limit the number of cases we accept, so that we are able to focus our efforts and obtain better results for the cases that we take on.

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